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Oldsmobiles that just keep going!

Twice beater champion; Soylent Ocean Mist
Karl's 1965 Dynamic 88 Celebrity Sedan (additional chrome) featuring
2v/425/TH400/2.73 a slightly sour visage, and a large literary following.

the Worthington stable
Misc. G-bodies. Which is the daily car? A drawing will be held to determine.

Mike from Philly has a familiar beast
Karl's friend Mike in PA has the base model 1965 Dynamic 88 it is
also 2v/425/TH400/2.73 and needs some attention to blow-by.

David Brown's beater!
Named the Urban Assault vehicle,(or the Gold Star) [more info coming]

Thomas Jaquillard's car
1968 (Toro)455/TH400/2.78 gearing.Plus lock-up posi unit, full
Hotchkis rear suspension w/pan hard rods and KYB gas shocks

Bill Hutchison's FrankenOlds.
An 1984 Holiday 88, that Johnny Cash would wonder at.
1984 Holiday88,403,TH350,80 interior and wiring harness,hood,driver's
door,1978 403 and TH350,83 fenders,frontend panel,tailights,82 grille

Bill Hutchison's alternate beater.
An 1977 88 Royale with 403, this is his substitute all-around car.
We are confused, does this mean multiple beaters?
Can a beater be garage-kept?

Fred Kemp's 1967 Cutlas. 200K with no engine work.

The DRC Delta
Dave Cullen's 1985 Delta 88 Royale. 160K on the 307 to date!

This is Phil's .... ummm ....
We do apologize, but we cannot find the information that matches this image.

Jim Walkinshaws Curved Dasher
Honorable mention here. Jim is pictured giving a spectator a ride
in the Curved Dash, just as he does at every show his Curved Dash
is in! If there is a subcategory for Oldsmobile spirit, Jim wins!

1926 Oldsmobile
This car (Owner not known) was at the Lone Star National meet in 1999,
and also at the 2000 OCA Homecoming. Honorable mention even if not a
daily driver!