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Best veiwed as 1024x768 while in free-fall through the atmosphere.

Welcome to the doldrum.
Kindly restrain your enthusiasm and proceed in an orderly fashion through the shambles.
Do not touch anything unless supervised by HazMat personell.
You may peruse these documents until your escort arrives.
Please don't bare the feets.

Current Projects
Got time to kill? Digest my journal: KarlMonster's blog.

Links to other people's homepages, webcomics, and other naughty bits of interest

my not-Mauser

Graveyard Shift Killers a Counter-Strike clan

Have a whiff of my literary feets.

Soylent Ocean Mist

Most evenings I can typically be tracked down in the Rocket Talk chatroom.
Rocket Talk for Netscape/Mozilla
Rocket Talk for Internet Exploder