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Recent activity:

Yet another way to get that pesky crank bolt to sit still!

Hmmm, balancers from a non-a/c 425 and an a/c 350.

This is how the work area looks now.

This is the engine cradle I just got. Pretty nifty.
The cradle allows oil changes, and even oil pan removal.

This is where the bodywork is stalled.

Well, its kinda ugly, but not a bad first try.

Inside, the corrosion is evident, even after a good scraping.
Encircled is a pinhole at the very bottom of the panel. There are a few others.
It was disheartening to grasp the extent of the rot.
How much can be saved? We'll see, I guess.

Wow. This stuff cuts like butter!
I used a Dremel with a cutoff wheel to do the trimming.

This is where I am focusing now. I've done all I can think of to seal and protect
the metal where the worst corrosion occurred. Now to seal the trunk properly.

This is the culprit that rusted my Quarter. RUST IN HELL! DAMN YOU!

Behold! 425 cometh!
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