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Images from during and after the 425 retreival:

Making a long, ugly unloading story short: BAM!

Well, thats a pretty gruesome lie....

Welcome to the Archimedes school of engine manipulation!

Ah! Much better.

Now, looking at the shelf over the water pump we see... nothing.

OK. Break out the wire brushes.

Much better.
Significantly interesting to me personally is that the intake is an A casting.

On to the water pump. Since the block held coolant until Friday night,
quick action may prevent rust within the water pump.

Whoops! Nevermind!

The rust pattern on the WP and on the front cover indicate that the pump was
only half full of coolant, allowing corrosion to spread from the exposed area.
Well, since I have the brushes out...

That looks a bit better, lets get to the head stamping....
Thats odd, its on the port head in 1965...

There we go. M for a Lansing car.

Thats odd, intake seal is half rubber gasket, half blue silicone goo.
Does that mean that the intake was pulled but they re-used
what survived of the intake seals? That doesn't bode well.

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