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In an effort to better understand the characteristics of the finished items that I have been crafting, I am trying to better understand the 'lightness' attribute. This is yet another area where I have found Ryzom documentation lacking. An item can have a lightness of 0 to 100 (?), so I presume that zero lightness indicates the heaviest an object can be.

NOTE: the only 'armor clip' materials that are zero lightness are high level quarters, thus no full weight armors can be attempted by me at this time.

Much thanks to the Ballistic Mystix Guild for material information.

Therefore, the first step is to craft items of zero lightness to establish a baseline for that item. The easiest item to do this with is the Majik Amplifier. The required component materials that have zero lightness are (all Basic grade): Shaft: oath or beckers bark, kipee mandible Grip: Yubo skin Majik Focus: beng, hash and soo amber, shooki bud.

Screenshot of crafting a zero lightness amp:

That amp degraded to a q10 amp, but a later successful amp had the same weight. So 10kg is the base weight for Majik Amps. Here is a screenshot of an amp being crafted with an anete fiber grip for a total lightness of 4/100. Following that are shots of the first amp (degraded) and the 4/100 lightness amp.